ROI - Region of Interest

Why ROI?

ROI is the abbreviation of Region of Internet. ROI technology plays an important part in today’s surveillance industry. As the network camera has higher resolution and frame rate than ever before, the requirement of bandwidth and storage space become a crucial issue for every surveillance manufacture. In fact, in most of cases, user may not need every detail of all secure area but several specific areas for particular security purpose only, such as vehicle plate license, building entrance or facial features. Therefore, the ROI technology is created for solve the problem of limited bandwidth and storage space as well as help users to keep the valuable video details.

How does ROI work?

ROI technology aims to achieve a better surveillance performance by encode the region of interest with sufficient bandwidth to provide video detail while transmit less or sacrifice the non-interest area monitoring. Customers can define the area of interest in each different stream first and the system will capture those specific areas and delivering real-time image for the users. Meanwhile, users also avoid wasting the storage space for the useless area video monitoring. ROI technology not only ensures the users can have valuable area video details but no need to increase bandwidth and storage space.

Brickcom ROI technology is supported on the all Brickcom camera series (except OB-E200Nf & VD-E200Nf, Hydra Camera, 3600 camera, OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X and Speed Dome Camera), specifically help users to increase the surveillance capacity and maintain the video quality, especially for the environment where has bandwidth limitation.