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What can I do when the EasyLink function doesn't work?

Brickcom provides the EasyLink feature which will work properly under the simple network environment. If you have problem that EasyLink function doesn’t work. Please help to check the EasyLink Status. You can check the EasyLink Status at EasyLink page.

In Auto mode, perhaps you will meet some status information below and you can follow the command to do the basic check.
(1) Cannot communicate with the router via UPnP protocol.
à You can check if the Router is UPnP-IGD certified.
(2)Internet connection is not available. Please check the network settings.
àMake sure the IP Camera is able to access Internet properly.
(3)The EasyLink function cannot work because the IP camera is located behind a Double NAT network.
àNot suitable for using Easylink, please refer to “How to Access a Brickcom IP camera from the Internet” to put the camera on Internet
(4)Cannot communicate with the EasyLink server. Registration failed.
àRegistering process is failed, please contact