Brickcom Announces OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X Bullet - World's 1st 2 Mega 150M Long Range IR 20X Zoom Bullet

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, is pleased to announce the Unique-Series superior night vision 2 Mega 150M Long Range IR 20X Zoom bullet network camera - OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X. Brickcom OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X network cameras is a two-megapixel bullet-style network camera designed for diverse and particular outdoor applications. With the IK10 vandal proof metal housing, IP67 waterproof outdoor enclosure and built-in fan and heater, it can stably deliver the reliable and outstanding image in the changeable weather, and is undoubtedly the best choice for the severe environments, such as the desert and the frozen area.

The announcement of OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X Bullet is another symbol for Brickcom's commitment to bringing the best IP video products to the market. The OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X Bullet reveals the following advantages and strengths:

Built-in IR Illuminators Effect Over 100 Meters
OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X’s built-in IR illuminators can be effective over 150 meters, which is capable of providing the superior clear image for the users in the extreme low lux situations. Thus, it will be mainly deployed in the long and narrow road, including the corridor, port, highway, and runway.

Embedded with Brickcom 120dB WDR Enhancement Technology
With Brickcom 120dB WDR Enhancement technology, the camera is able to display the crystal clear image in the scene even with the glare, high contrast, strong backlight, and light reflection. Additionally, the function of 20X zoom with auto focus enables users to not only focus precisely and quickly, but track and capture the image of the moving object easily.

Incorporate Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS) Technology
Since the function of zoom in /zoom out will cause the camera shaking and affect the image quality, Brickcom incorporate Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS) technology with OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X to effectively solve the problem of camera shaking. The DIS function can internally detects shaking of the image due to camera shaking, and performs digital compensation processing to suppress this shaking and stabilize the image output.

The OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X will be available in June 2015. For more detail about the OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X, please contact