Brickcom BRC64-Pro PC-NVR Available for Downloading

Brickcom is pleased to announce that the latest release of BRC64-Pro PC-NVR is now available on the web site for downloading. BRC64-Pro is the advanced version of BRC64-Standard, and offers the premium features including the remote live view, remote playback, video wall, audio broadcast, generic RTSP, CMS support and more.

The BRC64 software installer can be downloaded at this link:

Both the BRC64-Pro and the BRC64-Standard are included in the installer. The BRC64-Pro is free and full-function for up to 4 channels, and can support up to 64 channels with the license. The BRC64-Standard is a "lite" version which is without the premium features, but is entirely free for 64 channels. The user can select either the BRC64-Pro or the BRC64-Standard on the installer menu.

Please note that the license key for the previous BRC64-Standard releases will not be effective for the new BRC64-Standard and BRC64-Pro, and Brickcom no longer provides the license key for the previous BRC64-Standard releases.

If you are interested in knowing more about the new BRC64-Pro, or are already enjoying the licensed BRC64-Standard but would like to experience the power of BRC64-Pro, please don't hesitate to contact Brickcom's authorized partners for more details.