Brickcom IP Cameras Integrated with Wavestore VMS

Brickcom Corporation, a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance equipment and pioneer of wireless surveillance solutions, announces the successful integration of Wavestore’s video management software (VMS) with Brickcom IP cameras.

Brickcom offers a wide range of multi-megapixel IP network cameras, camera accessories, and networking equipment. Brickcom IP cameras are embedded with a high performance image sensor and are designed to incorporate the best IP features in a user-friendly design. In addition to wired IP solutions, Brickcom offers unique dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n, 3G, and WiMAX surveillance cameras and equipment which provide  a cost-effective solution for applications where cabling is difficult or costly to install.

The Brickcom cameras supported by Wavestore’s VMS include the PZ-040D 12x optical zoom PTZ network camera which has built-in IR LEDs that equips it to capture high quality images regardless of the lighting conditions. The PZ-040D also provides users the choice of utilising H.264, M-JPEG, and MPEG-4 to minimise bandwidth requirements.

“The combined efforts of our respective technical teams have resulted in a high degree of integration between Brickcom cameras and our VMS,” said Chris Williams, Director of Wavestore. “Our mutual clients can, for example, remotely configure, control and monitor many of the key features of the PZ-040D via the Wavestore VMS. This includes the camera’s motion detection capability, PTZ, two-way audio, HTTP requests and alarm inputs/outputs.”

Wavestore’s Linux based open platform video management software (VMS) is designed to facilitate the recording and display of images from combinations of analogue, IP network, megapixel and HD, HDcctv, 360degree and thermal cameras. Live and pre-recorded video can be simultaneously on a monitor in a large variety of sizes, formats and positions. There is the option to switch from fixed 1, 4, 9 or 16 camera layouts, to a free-form structure which enables each operator to optimise their own unique display. Ultra-fast access enables an operator to instantaneously display and search video data from any camera and from any previous time/date, regardless of the volume of the storage medium. An operator can scan the data either forwards or backwards, replay at reduced speeds or step frame by frame.

One of the key features of the Wavestore VMS is a de-warping module which supports all the leading brands of panoramic fisheye cameras. This enables such cameras to work in conjunction with Brickcom cameras as part of an integrated video surveillance solution.

For more information about Brickcom and Wavestore digital video, please visit the Brickcom website at and Wavestore website at

About Brickcom Corporation
Brickcom Corporation is a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance equipment and a pioneer of wireless surveillance solutions. The company's comprehensive product portfolio includes a full line of IP network cameras, video servers, video management hardware and software, and a full range of networking and camera accessories. Brickcom's BrickOne Solution can provide a complete wired or wireless IP security system for residential, commercial, and industrial environments. For more information, please visit

About Wavestore
Based on the Linux operating system, Wavestore’s DVRs, NVRs and HVRs are rugged, reliable and straightforward to install, configure and operate. Wavestore’s digital video recording systems are able to simultaneously record and display high quality images from combinations of analogue, network (IP and megapixel), HD, HDcctv, 360 degree and infra-red cameras. Wavestore is committed to an open platform philosophy. This enables us to integrate and work closely with camera manufacturers and other third party technology partners to offer a comprehensive security solution.
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